Membership Type

Retail Members

Retail members are travel agencies. A retail travel agency must pay for the head office location as well as all branch locations that hold a valid TICO (Ontario), OPC (Quebec) or consumer protection BC registration number with the exception of Satellite and Implant offices (SA, STP, EB and EP locations). Dues will be based on the employee headcount at each location.

Allied (or Travel Service Supplier)

Allied (or Travel Service Supplier) are companies or other organizations in the travel industry which are not travel agencies but which wish to join ACTA for benefits available to them and to be able to become associated with Canada's travel agent community.

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Travel or Tourism Educational Facilities

A Travel or Tourism Educational Facility can be a member/department of a travel and/or tourism faculty of a community college or other public or private institution. Select the Travel & Tourism Educational Facility button if you meet this description. Individual Members: Check with your agency head or manager to find out if your organization is a member of ACTA. If you are an authorized employee of a Retail Member or Allied Member of ACTA, you may register to apply for individual membership in ACTA by going to the Join ACTA Tab.

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