Educate and Elevate

Visit our ACTA Campus!

ACTA in partnership with the Jamaica Tourist Board are celebrating throughout the month of May!

The extended lockdown in Canada may have you isolated at home but ACTA and Jamaica Tourist Board are encouraging you to spend that extra time wisely.  We are recommending you take the time to sharpen your skills, specialize in a destination, or become certified. Now is the time to differentiate yourself!

To support these efforts ACTA, in partnership with Jamaica Tourist Board, is providing ACTA members accessible training resources during the time of COVID-19 and in the spirit of the upcoming Travel Agent Day. The suite of professional development courses available are FREE OF CHARGE through the month of June to enable you to become even better at the amazing work you already do.

Available courses include (click to view):

  1. Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) or Certified Travel Manager (CTM)
    ($325 to enroll, 50% off extended until June 30, 2020) Available to ACTA Members!
    ENROLL NOW or contact for more details!

    Discover your true potential and take pride in your career! The national travel industry designations, Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) and Certified Travel Manager (CTM) are recognizable throughout Canada. Certification is the mark of excellence, as it recognizes an individual's competence in their occupation and provides a marketable credential to use. Across Canada, over 30,000 individuals have chosen a career as a Travel Counsellor. Counsellors with a CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor) or CTM (Certified Travel Manager) designation are recognized as being amongst the highest qualified travel agents.

  2. Essential Business training skills
    ($250 per course, FREE extended until June 30!)
    This learning hub includes a broad range of virtually delivered, live instructor led short training sessions.  The topics include software skills — like Microsoft training —, copywriting, marketing, sales, management, remote learning, QuickBooks training - the list is endless and ever changing. New courses are added daily.

  3. Industry Specialist Programs
    ACTA is pleased to offer the many fine travel industry specialist and training programs to help you learn something new and add a new specialty. You can access a world of training designed especially for Canadian travel counsellors! For Travel Agents working towards their CTC designation these specialist programs have time credits that can be applied to your hours of relevant industry experience for every completed course.

  4. Industry Webinars
    ACTA offers live and On-Demand webinars. We invite our Travel Agency partners to join us in learning about the wide variety of opportunities available when selling travel destinations, products or services around the world, as well as helping your business grow!

  5. Podcasts
    These podcasts will range from Destination Features, Product Trainings as well as tips and tools to help you advance in your business. Listen on the-go and at your leisure without having to worry about missing a thing!

Those who have not logged into ACTA education resources in past may be required to register their information prior to beginning any course content. Questions? Please email