Morelos, Guerrero & Mexico City, Our third stop on the gastronomic tour

Morelos & Guerrero - The Markets Route

The “Markets Route” explores the historic states of Morelos and Guerrero. Morelos is the home state of Cuernavaca, known as the city of “eternal spring” for its warm weather all year round and the more than 400 swimming pools it has. The state of Morelos has two Magical Towns: Tepozotlan and Tlayacapan. Tepozotlan lies in the skirts of the famous Tepozteco Valley, where one can enjoy breathtaking views of the horizon. Tepoztlan is home of world famous ice cream shop. With more than a hundred flavors to choose from, travelers from all over the world have traveled specifically to the region to try the exotic flavors of rose petal, avocado and honey ice cream.

Besides offering visitors beautiful beaches and friendly local people, Guerrero’s gastronomic resources include exotic delicacies visitors must try. For those seeking an exotic dish try the jumiles, a country insect that is generally prepared with mole or eaten in a taco. For those seeking a more traditional dish you can try the green pozole or the pink mole prepared with chipotle chili peppers and white chocolate. Finish your visit to Guerrero in Taxco with a visit to the Silver Market.

Mexico City  - Flavor of Today

Mexico being the largest city in the world has something for everyone, from traditional street tacos and “antojitos” to the most upscale avant-garde restaurants offering guests a gastronomic experience. The “Flavor of Today Route” offers an insight to the cultural and gastronomical options Mexico City has to offer. Mexico City’s most typical dishes include  romerito (herbs prepared with mole),  quesadillas (filled with tinga, potatoes, mushrooms, rajas, cuitacloche), sopes, and guajolota (tamale torta).

After you’ve tasted these authentic Mexican dishes visit Xochimilco and take a tour through the canals to see for yourself the almost extinct prehistoric sowing process or visit the Anthropology Museum where you’ll learn about the history of Mexico’s gastronomic traditions.

Our next stop will introduce you to food with history that delivers cuisine to the tune of Mariachi. We're bringing you to Queretaro, Guanajuato and Jalisco. Vaminos!