Sinaloa - Table of the Garden and the Sea

Sinaloa - Table of the Garden and the Sea

Sinaloa is known for the great variety of sea products and vegetables it has to offer. Sinaloa is the main producer of tomato and shrimp in the country. Some of Sinaloa’s gastronomic resources and typical dishes include ceviche and “pescadillas” (quesadillas with smoked marlin) and tamales.

When traveling the “Table of the Garden and the Sea route” one cannot miss the Magical Town of “El Fuerte”, where you can taste the unique tortillas of the region and the preparation of the coricos, corn flour tortillas shaped as a donut very classic to the region. For those who like Pacifico beer, visit the brewery in Mazatlan where you will learn the process of beer production and learn where the fresh flavor comes from.

Located on the Pacific coast in Mexico's northwestern region, the state of Sinaloa has a hot climate, beautiful natural scenery and gorgeous cities with strong traditions and culture. The port of Mazatlan offers an interesting mix of traditional architecture in its Historic Center and lovely beaches, excellent hotels and fine restaurants in the Zona Dorada, its top tourist resort.

Michoacan - Day of the Dead Altar

Michoacan is one of the states that has preserved one of Mexico’s most ancient and traditional rituals, the Day of the Dead, now considered Immaterial Heritage of Humanity. Each altar honoring the Dead, creates a sensorial experience and reveals the regional and traditional dishes from each region. The route starts in Morelia, where visitors will try gazpachos, fresh fruit salads prepared with the fruits and ingredients of their preference. The route continues to Quiroga, known for its carnitas and follows to the Magical Town of Patzcuaro, where visitors will try different kinds of fish and for dessert have an ice cream at the famous creamery “La Erendira”. For those looking for a great souvenir to take back home visit the Magical Town of Santa Clara del Cobre, where you will learn about copper and even participate in a workshop to create a souvenir made of this metal. Finish the route in Uruapan, with a visit to a distillery of charanda, the region’s typical traditional beverage, where you’ll observe the process of production and taste the final product.

Lyndsay Reader, the MEXpert tours around Michoacan's streets and tastes the authentic food of the region

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