This is the last stop and we're taking you to Miner’s Seasoning and Between Cuts and Vineyards

Miner’s Seasoning - The “Miner’s seasoning Route” starts in Zacatecas, a city declared World Heritage Site whose mining background is characterized by impressive architecture, museums and its gastronomy displays the authentic flavors of the region. When in Zacatecas visit the Arroyo de la Plata Market, the perfect place to try the exquisite “birria” or stuffed “gorditas”.  For a nightlife experience walk the alleys of Zacatecas and get a drink and enjoy music at the Mina Club, a nightclub built inside a mine.

The next stop of this route is Aguascalientes where visitors are invited to take a cooking class at the Mexican European Culinary Institute where they’ll learn to prepare authentic Mexican dishes. For dessert, visit the Guava House to taste sweets and other products made from the regional fruit. If you wish to know more about the process and the products produced from this fruit visit the main guava producing factory and learn the elaboration of products such as liquors, jellies and sweets from guava.

Finish the route in San Luis Potosi, where you’ll visit and take a tour to the Laguna Seca mezcal distillery and if you drop by in the right season you can try escamoles (ant eggs) in one of the local establishments. If you are craving something sweet visit the Constanzo shops that offer vast variety of sweets and gourmet chocolates.

Between Cuts and Vineyards -  The “Between Cuts and Vineyards Route” visits the northern states of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Durango and Sonora, known for the best beef cuts of the country and the high quality wine produced. The first part of the route will cover Nuevo Leon and Coahuila. In Nuevo Leon, you’ll visit Monterrey, Mexico’s second largest and most  industrialized city offering a variety of extraordinary restaurants and traditional dishes such as machaca (dried meat), cabrito (baby goat) and flour tortillas. If you’re searching for a more natural adventure visit the “Cola de Caballo Park” where you can enjoy horseback riding and swim in the waterfall. The next stop is Coahuila, where you’ll visit three distinct vineyards (Cuatro Cienegas, Vitaly Vineyards, and Ferriño Winery) where you’ll witness the contrast between modern and traditional wine making techniques.