Queretaro, Guanajuato and Jalisco. Our fourth stop on the gastronomic tour

Queretaro, Guanajuato - Food with History

The “Food with History Route” explores the history behind Queretaro and Guanajuato’s cuisine. In Queretaro you’ll shop at “Mercadito Queretano”, a market where traders from all over Queretaro gather to sell unique handcrafted delicacies or visit Rancho Santa Maria where they can experience the cheese production process, from sheep raising to trying the final cheese product. In Queretaro you’ll try the famous barbacoa, goat meat prepared and cooked in a hole on the ground.

In Guanajuato you’ll discover in each of the city’s alleys and tunnels gastronomic options to choose from; from mining enchiladas stuffed with “queso fresco” and dipped in guajillo chili pepper sauce to the traditional dish of stuffed chorro chili peppers. For those with a sweet tooth stop by Dolores Hidalgo to try an avocado, walnut, nopal, cheese, beer or tequila flavored sorbet. To end your day watch the sunset at “Cuna de Tierra”, a high quality vineyard that limits wine production to obtain the land’s best quality.

Jalisco - Cuisine to the Tune of the Mariachi

In the “Cuisine to the tune of the Mariachi route” visitors will get to experience Mexico’s national beverage: tequila! Some of Jalisco’s most traditional and world known dishes include pozole, birria, menudo and soaked tortas.  Discover the magic town of Tequila, where you’ll witness the process by which agave is transformed into tequila. In case you are wondering what happens with the remains of the agave that are not used to create the iconic beverage, learn how they are transformed into paper before your eyes.  To end the day take a boat tour in Chapala lake where you’ll enjoy a fresh dish prepared with local fish and products. In our next post we will move to the flavors of the sea(Nayarit,Colima) and the Culture of Maguey(Hidalgo). See you there!